Conceptual Design in Documentary Filmmaking

29th August – 11th September 2022
10 Participants
Fee: 800 € for externals

A two-week hands-on seminar focusing on documentary work and design intent. Documentary films often fall short of their visual possibilities. The seminar is designed to give directors*, cinematographers and editors* concrete tools with which they can achieve strong visual work.
The first week focuses on planning a creative concept and the associated camera work. The second week is the associated editing process. It goes from planning the design concept to execution to evaluation and review.Following the seminar, an introduction and exercises on working with live-visual programs can be attended on two further days. This is intended to stimulate a new approach to the creative process of editing.

Academic Direction: Prof. Beatrice Babin

Lecturers: Paola Calvo, Patrick Jasim, Ginés Olivares

Treatment in Five Days

05th – 09th September 2022
10 Participants
Fee: 750 € for externals

  • online 

From the idea to the first treatment in five days:

This intensive seminar introduces the essential dramaturgical basics and tools, deepens them and combines theory with writing sprints and feedback from day one. With dramaturgical guidance from experienced instructors, participants write a complete treatment for a feature film within 5 days. Suitable for beginners and professionals. For brand-new ideas as well as for concepts that the participants have long wanted to write.


Prerequisite: The idea for a feature film, summarized on a maximum of 1-3 pages. 

Goal: Creation of a treatment for a feature film.

Lecturers: Benedikt Schwarzer, Dr. Florian Pulchert

Directing Drama Series

19th – 24th September 2022
16 Participants
Fee: 500 € for externals

  • hybrid –

We go into the depths of directing serial formats and want to learn from the best. How do you successfully stage the dramaturgical highlights of a series? How do we adapt to the needs of production and showrunners? Adaptation: What do we have to consider? Directing an international world bestseller such as THE CROWN: How can we cleverly integrate a personal signature into the dramaturgy and look of a well-known series? What role do regional characteristics play in a 30something comedy series like SERVUS BABY? How do you translate multilingualism and sophisticated modern technology into a historical series concept like in 1899? What are the do’s and don’ts of directing serial formats and where are the pitfalls? How can a material like ELDORADO KADEWE, which is set in the 1930s, be successfully transferred to the present day?

 Goal: At the end, each participant should have developed a directorial concept with moods.

Academic Direction: Prof. Tac Romey, Prof. Dr. Julia von Heinz

Moderation: Pauline Roenneberg

Lecturers: Baran Bo Odar, Christian Schwochow, Julia von Heinz, Anna Winger, Natalie Spinell

Women Writing Lab

26th September – 05th October 2022
10 Participants
Fee: 600 € for externals

WOMEN WRITING LAB is a workshop by award-winning and Oscar®-nominated writer & director Robin Swicord, who has written the books for THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB, THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON, or LITTLE WOMEN, among others. 

In a week-long workshop, participants will learn story development tools based on the elements of classic drama. An important aspect will be the creation of strong, special characters, which at the same time shows how the whole story actually builds up from such characters. It will also be about elaborating story themes that work universally. And in supervised practice sequences, workshop participants develop their own unique instincts for story, characters, and powerful visual scenes. In daily “writing sessions,” each participant pushes her own concept, develops her own ideas, polishes what she has already written, and receives individual feedback in mentoring sessions with workshop leader Robin Swicord.

The goal: At the end of the workshop, each participant should have developed her story idea into a detailed treatment for a feature film or a TV multi-part series, which is the preliminary stage to a screenplay.


Lecturer: Robin Swicord

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