Welcome to the HFF Summer School!

The HFF Summer School was launched in 2018 to open the HFF Munich to international, external participants, with a very high quality program, full of workshops by and with (inter-)nationally renowned lecturers from the film and media industry.
At the same time, the Summer School, which will be held exclusively in English, is also intended to be a place for HFF students for additional international teaching and networking – into the German film industry, but also beyond.
Thus, the Summer School is a crucial part of the HFF Munich’s Internationalization-strategy.
In addition, the HFF Summer School sees itself as a place to experiment with creative new teaching content from all areas of film that cannot find room in the HFF’s curricula, but should definitely be tried out. In this respect, the HFF Summer School offers important impulses into the teaching of the HFF Munich and vice versa.

HFF Summer School – The Goals

Our goal is to connect talented filmmakers from all over the world with each other and with HFF students, and to give them the opportunity to expand their own skills and further their education.
Our renowned instructors bring years of experience to the table and help students gain insight into various areas of the film and media industry, as well as set their own priorities and deepen their knowledge – depending on the course, from material development to visual realization. Since our founding, we have tried to constantly renew our program so that we can always address new aspects and developments in filmmaking.
We look forward to hopefully welcome you at our school this summer!

Feedback and overview of past workshops:

„Yati Durant is absolutely amazing teacher! We learned from his incredible passion and knowledge. Also to have the chance to work with The STRING QUARTET was a special opportunity and I am happy
to have got to the HFF for that. Please keep me posted for future events!“
FILM MUSIC WORKSHOP 2020 in cooperation with the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich

“A very intense time, amazing tutors, the writers rooms demanded a lot from us but also gave a lot. Almost too much program for the four weeks, but kudos!“

“It was especially helpful for me that the early stages of the film projects were shown, especially the visual development. But also that the honesty was there to talk about failure and how to deal with   it.”

“I learned a lot and more importantly, I feel inspired to continue down this path thanks to the incredible encouragement of this group. My screenwriting, and certainly my future work, will benefit from all of these priceless insights.”

“What really impressed me is the methodology that is very consistent throughout the course. You feel driven without ever feeling rushed. You learn theory, have more common theory parts that give you security and time to get to know the group, but before you could rest on it, it goes into even larger practical parts. The lecturers manage an admirable balancing act between individual support and always keeping the whole group in mind.”